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1588 visi platform

It is one of the popular business search platform in Lithuania, which presents comprehensive information about Lithuanian companies, their products and services, also provide the opportunity to find various companies managers and their contacts in the database of contact persons.

During the year:

  • web visits was over 1,5 million;
  • over 3 million pages were visited.

(Google Analytics data, 2016)

Image and Sales

Online advertising is one of the most reliable ways to maximize the number of potential customers, regardless of what kind of activities you perform. UAB Infomedia offers unlimited interactive creative opportunities that will open you new paths to business success. Many different banner sizes and shapes allow maximum use of space to promote sales and to form the image – become visible for thousands of visitors with

Why is it worth it to be on

  • Opportunity to choose various combined advertising, recognition-raising and promotion decisions;
  • In website will be created information page for you, which will represent you companies activity. In it will be the logo of your company, uploaded photos and videos, added detailed companies and and proposed products / services descriptions, keywords and other;
  • Given the opportunity publish information to the targeted activities, thus achieving potential and interested buyers of goods or services;
  • Possibility of using tvisual advertising solutions presenting your company and its services very widely or targeted audiences;
  • Keywords and the search for corresponding advertising – exactly what encourage the user to refer to your company;
  • Because brings together buyers and sellers!

1588 – free* information number

1588 – is the main and free information number of UAB Infomedia, which provide business, cultural, leisure, tourism and other types of information. Information service works around the clock, seven days a week to maintain a professional relationship with consumers and to ensure a high quality of customer service.

Why it is worth it to become a partner of 1588 information service?

  • Detailed information about your company’s activities via phone 1588 customers will receive for free*;
  • The ability to get more queries from customers and potential customers;
  • Information about your company will be published in Lithuania throughout the entire day, seven days a week;
  • 1588 customers who are looking for information about your company is directly connected to your employees.

* The service is provided all day by your network operator rates.

For all questions – one answer – 1588.

Mobile App 1588

It has no analogues in the world programme for smartphones which providing access to the personal information consultant services! Download the program, register your mobile phone number and choose the operator who will answer all your questions. If you will be satisfied with the conversation, another call from the same number, without having to turn the gadget will be immediately directed to the same contact center employee. 1588 mobile app – the first app for smartphones in Lithuania, which presents service, giving the opportunity to have their personal information CONSULTANT!

Innovative tool for modern people:

  • opportunity to have personal information consultant;
  • operative answers to all questions;
  • easy to find information about companies;
  • fast and convenient way to find the closest to you located businesses, products or services;
  • fast travel to the required company switched navigation.

1588 telefas

Useful links:

  • 1588 App presentation can be found here: watch;
  • 1588 operating instructions can be found here: read;
  • Android version can be found here: download;
  • IOS version can be found here: download.

With mobile app 1588 you can quickly and easily discover various businesses, find their working hours, address, company details, contacts and location in the city. Comfortable search and geolocation feature will allow you to search for the nearest location of the company. As the company’s information section, in just one click, you can call or write e-mail to selected company, visit its website or share this information with others.

For advertising service and company information, please contact:

Agnė Nasevičiūtė | Sales Manager

Phone 8 (6 20) 52855 | Fax (5) 236 1001 |