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Ads on YouTube


Advertisement on YouTube

Since March 2014 YouTube video advertising has become available in Lithuania market. Various promotional videos can be displayed before the video content, within the video content or next to it. Video advertising is paid only if the visitor watches the entire video ad (or 30 sec of it, if the ad is longer).

YouTube ad types

  • TrueView in-stream – video clip shown before YouTube videos;
  • TrueView in display – video clip shown next to related YouTube videos.
TrueView in-stream
TrueView in display

What is the benefit?

  • Reaches 75% of the Internet users (source: TNS, 2014);
  • Reaches 55% of the residents of Lithuania (source: TNS, 2014);
  • Allows you to reach a larger number of users;
  • Allows you to see the reaction of users to video ads;
  • Allows you to determine the number of users that viewed video ads;
  • Pay only for the view of the whole video ad (or 30 sec of it, if the ad is longer);
  • Video ad cost is much lower in comparison with the TV broadcast.

For YouTube advertising services, please contact:

Agnė Nasevičiūtė | DMA division manager

Phone 8 (620) 52855 | Fax (5) 236 1001 |