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Google Display Network


Content Network

Display Network (Content Network) – more than a million different sites, videos and  applications sites group (this network also consists of sites and applications for mobile devices), that may display customer’s Google AdWords ads. Ads are selected according to keywords related to your site content, user preferences, etc.

Google Display Network consists of

Google Videos, Apps, Gmail, YouTube, Blogger, Google Finance as well as many other sites that display relevant Google ads. According to Google data as of 2014, the number of views of Google Content Network in Lithuania is 0.5 – 1 billion per month.

Google Display Network

Display Ad types

  • Text Ads – advertisements including textual information only;
  • Image Ads – advertisements that allow you to add relevant images, layouts and colour;
  • Rich Media Ads – basically video advertisements that include interactive elements and animations;
  • Video Ads – video advertisements.


Displaying ads in the Display Network the customer can access a large amount of potential customers with broad interests, as well as choose specific sites or pages, audiences, where he wants to display ads and to engage users with appealing ad formats.

What is the benefit?

  • The Content Network reaches ~ 90% of the Internet users (source: Comscore 2013);
  • Possibility to attract new customers;
  • Possibility to select sites and audiences;
  • Attractive ad formats.

Content Network includes:

(Lithuanian pages)


Content Network includes:

(Foreign pages)



For Google AdWords services, please contact:

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