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Online stores

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Online stores

Creation of online stores is a great investment and effective tool for either start of your business or its further development. It is becoming more and more difficult to reach the customers as buying habits of people are changing especially rapidly. Consumers have become more mobile and they are looking for various goods and services on the Internet whenever they have a free minute or while they are on the move from point A to point B; consequently, they are not attached to physical stores. Hence, e-shop is a great tool to attract users and always be at hand.

What is the benefit?

When company create an online shop it avoid additional costs for renting a place and saves time during customer servicing.Also it allows company to sell goods and services (with photos, detailed descriptions, technical data) any day and any time of the day. Furthermore, e-shops give an opportunity to review the assortment of products sold on the Internet, offer to buy products that are available in stock, collect pre-orders and so on. All these advantages save company’s money and allow to invest the saved money and time in online advertising or business development.

It is important to mention

Our qualified IT specialists will make sure that you can constantly supervise or update the assortment, descriptions, and photos of products or services and will create Content Management System. In accordance with your needs, they will install other additional features, language versions and will help to solve other issues. It should be emphasized the fact that our e-shops are also adaptable for smart devices.

We provide:

  • Creation of online stores;
  • Design application;
  • Content Management System (CMS) installation;
  • Installation of additional features;
  • Loading of initial information;
  • Adaptation to foreign languages;
  • Internal SEO;
  • Adaptation to mobile devices;
  • Supervision and support of electronic stores.

For more information on creation of online stores, please contact:

Agnė Nasevičiūtė | Sales Manager

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