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About Us

The private limited company Infomedia, JSC belongs to the international company group FCR Media Lietuva, which has companies operating in Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Belgium, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Sweden, Russia, Romania, Hungary, Finland and Uruguay. FCR Media Lietuva is owned by Baltcap Management Ltd, an independent private equity and venture capital provider of development and redemption transactions in the Baltic countries.


Call Center

Infomedia, JSC Call Center offers the highest standards for all incoming and outgoing calls; in 2003, the company rapidly expanded its contact center business, invested in hardware renewal and started to provide services of managing on-demand calls, email, SMS for other companies.

This development was the result of the increasingly growing need for Lithuanian and foreign companies to direct customers calls and other enquiries to professional contact centers with specialised equipment, allowing not only for the preserve of the customer calls and/or requests, but also ensuring that calling through from the first time and that the customer service is always pleasant and high-quality.

Today, professionals of Infomedia Call Center work with incoming and outgoing calls. Their work is guided according to the most advanced methods; the company invests boldly in staff training and leisure time and in the most advanced software technology.

In 2014, the Call Center acquired the most advanced contact center software currently available, GENESYS, which allowed customers to be served across a variety of channels using a single query distribution mechanism. This modern management system helps to ensure that projects are properly monitored.

The company’s management system conforms with ISO 9001 standards. In 2014, the private limited company Infomedia, JSC quality management system which covers the Call Center and telemarketing services was awarded the ISO 9001 standard compliance certificate.

Information service

The high level of competence of the private limited company Infomedia, JSC is the result of more than twenty years of experience; it is one of the leaders in information services serving and providing business and universal information by known to all short number 1588.

The company’s success and many years of existence result from an intense desire to grow and develop, and the belief that only by adapting to the continuous changes in the market, modernisation, innovation in activity, can a company possibly remain among the market leaders.


1588 information services

1588 is the main free information number* supervised by Infomedia, JSC and is designed for the provision of business, cultural, leisure, tourism and other types of information. The information service works around the clock, seven days a week to maintain a professional relationship with customers and to ensure a high level of customer service.

One answer to all your questions – 1588.

Information provided by the number 1588:

  • Business information. Comprehensive information about all Lithuanian and foreign companies. Detailed information about all Lithuanian and foreign state institutions.
  • Cultural information. Information about concerts, festivals and other events held in Lithuania and abroad. Repertories of theatres and cinemas. Ticket prices.
  • Leisure information. Information about different lotteries and their results. Information about Lithuanian and foreign sport events and competitions results. Lithuanian and foreign TV programmes. Lithuanian and international weather forecasts. Daily, monthly and yearly horoscopes.
  • Tourist information. Information about trips abroad. Information about recreation opportunities in rural Lithuania, and in Lithuanian national and regional parks. Information about stud farms and riding schools, and sailing and yacht clubs. Information about sightseeing and tourist flights. Information about travel on rivers and lakes. Information about children’s summer vacations.
  • Other information. Currency exchange rate. Transport timetables. Other information.

Why is it useful for you to become a partner of the 1588 information service?

  • Customers will receive free detailed information about your company’s activities by calling the number 1588*;
  • Provides the opportunity to receive more requests from customers and potential customers;
  • The information about your company will be published throughout the whole of Lithuania, around the clock, seven days a week;
  • 1588 customers seeking information about your company are connected with your employees directly.

* The service is provided around the clock according to the rates of your communication provider.

Information by SMS message

1588 is the main information number supervised by Infomedia, JSC. Information is provided not only by telephone, but also via SMS. Sending a text message costs 0.19 EUR for subscribers of Bite Lithuania, and for Omnitel and Tele2 subscribers this service is provided free of charge.

The following information is provided by SMS:

  • Business information;
  • Cultural information;
  • Leisure information;
  • Tourist information;
  • Other information.

Business contact service

The business contact service will help you to easily and quickly find the desired product or service without having to spend lots of valuable time and money. Just send a request for your desired product by email to  and the product or service providers will contact you within 24 hours.

1588 has one of the largest databases in Lithuania and so it selects select companies matching your request criteria in a few minutes, and these companies will contact you within 24 hours to answer your request. If you are not contacted during this time period or the proposals do not meet your expectations, the business contact service administrator will provide you with a list of companies which match your query.