About Us

We offer professional services that meet global quality standards for businesses looking to outsource their customer service. We will manage the calls, e-mails, SMS and social network messages of your customers.


The competence of UAB Infomedia is based on its 29 years of work experience. Our company's success and longevity is the result of our desire to grow and improve. We believe that remaining among the market leaders is only possible when you are able to adapt to the constant changes in the market, as well as modernize and implement innovations in your business activities.

UAB Infomedia uses the most modern working methods, boldly invests in its employee training and leisure, and implements the most advanced software technologies.

Professional software GENESYS used in the UAB Infomedia Contact Center allows us to provide customer service via various channels, using one common routing mechanism for enquiries (calls, e-mails, SMS, chat). Efficient allocation of human resources and optimization of work processes by using call distribution algorithms ensure the highest qualitative and quantitative indicators.


years of experience


flows per month




SLA 80%/20 sec.


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Our mission

 To provide qualified contact center and/or customer relations management services that meet the highest quality standards for businesses and public organizations.

Our vision

  • To become a leader among contact centers not only in Lithuania, but also in the international market.
  • To be a company that provides the most innovative, top quality customer relations management services.
  •  To be a desirable employer.

Our values are the basis of our activities

They define our relationships with customers, shareholders, employees, business partners, and the society.


Continuous improvement and skilful execution of each task is part of our daily work, since the performance of our clients depends on our professionalism and knowledge.


In order to provide real value and exceed expectations, we treat the needs of each customer as if they were our own.


we strive for the best results by working closely with each other, as well as with our customers and partners.