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Call Center services

The private limited company Infomedia, JSC Call Center offers companies the highest standard professional handling services for all incoming and outgoing calls, as well as providing flexible opportunities for businesses to hire workers for long-term and short-term projects rather than employing them directly through the company.


The highest standards

Company management is based on ISO 9001 standards. In 2014, the quality management system of the private limited company Infomedia covering Call center and telemarketing services was certified with the ISO 9001 certificate.


Our more than twenty years of experience in the field of call service provision allows us to properly present the client’s products, disclosing their competitive advantages.


In the Call Center, we have professionals who are able to communicate freely in Lithuanian, Russian and English. Employees constantly improve their skills and productivity level and are encouraged to strive for higher qualitative indicators.

Advanced equipment

The most advanced Call Center software currently available, GENESYS, allows us to serve clients via various media channels using common queries (call, email, SMS, chat) routing mechanism. Our modern maintenance management system helps to ensure that ongoing projects are properly monitored and to effectively evaluate qualitative and quantitative indicators.


Incoming calls


We serve the public sector, including:

  • Utilities providers;
  • Medical institutions;
  • Digital TV contractors.


We serve commercial companies, including:

  • Large shopping centres;
  • Collective purchasing websites;
  • Flight ticket websites;
  • Publishing companies.


We serve leisure provision companies, including:

  • Ticket distributors;
  • Entertainment arenas;
  • Sport clubs;
  • Cinemas;
  • Other.

Outgoing calls


Experience in the Lithuanian market:

Cargo declaration, hosting, online shopping, medical services, cleanliness and cleaning services, web page design, office equipment maintenance, travel organization, advertising, events and banquet services, postal and courier services, IT services and equipment, flight ticket, etc. as well as organization of meetings, search for potential customers, surveys.

Experience in foreign markets:

Logistics, carrier services, printing services, wholesale, organization of meetings, search for potential customers, surveys in Russia, Great Britain, Poland and Germany.