SMS messaging services

SMS messages are in demand in various types of businesses. This service effectively solves various communication problems by improving customer feedback, promoting further sales, maintaining customer loyalty, and alerting utility companies to urgent emergencies. Our contact center guarantees fast submission and delivery of SMS messages.

We send SMS messages about:

  •  Issued invoices.
  • Debts.
  • New offers.
  • Organized events.
  • Scheduled work.
  • Changes in working hours.
  • Emergencies.


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Personalized messaging

When you want to send SMS messages that use personalized or unique data.

Bulk messaging

Relevant for those who want to reach a large number of subscribers at once.


We send SMS messages in all languages.

Time setting function

When you want to set the time of submission and delivery of SMS messages in advance.


Formation of detailed reports on real-time and historical SMS message delivery statuses.

Dynamic data transfer function

Transfer of changing information with the personal data of each customer (subscriber).