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SMS service


Sending SMS

These are text messages allowing informing the customers about the issues within short time:

  • Issued invoices and their due terms;
  • Customers’ debts;
  • New offers and campaigns;
  • Organised events;
  • Emergency situations;
  • Other.

Additional features:

  • Linguistic versions: Lithuanian, English, Russian;
  • Text messages may contain up to 160 symbols;
  • Unique use of data in text;
  • Setting of the desired sender name;
  • Time setting: when/within what period the messages are to be sent.

The system we use allows you to work with messages recorded in advance and with personalised, dynamic information: client’s personal indebtedness, or the like.


  • Customers are informed in a quick and timely fashion;
  • More potential customers are reached;
  • Working hours are used more effectively;
  • Sales indicators increase;
  • Additional advertising campaigns.

Number of reached customers


80% and more


* This is the standard service profile. However, given the needs of our customers, objectives and financial capabilities, we implement custom solutions adapted to customers’ specific business needs. If you want a solution proposal specially adapted for your business, fill out the questionnaire or give your contact details and we will contact you:

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Pildyti formą

1. Nurodykite pageidaujamą SMS pranešimų kiekį:

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3. Ar turite telefono numerių sąrašą, kam bus siunčiami pranešimai:
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6. Nurodykite Jūsų kontaktinį telefono numerį:

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For SMS service, please contact:

Vita Kazlauskaitė | CC sales manager

Tel. +370 698 51388 |