Call Center 24/7

Our call center can help you save time and staff employment costs by performing all your customer service tasks professionally and efficiently around the clock.

We provide the following services:

  • Customer enquiry management.
  • Acceptance of customer orders.
  • Registration of malfunctions.


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Multilingual system

Ensures the distribution of incoming enquiries sent via various communication channels, telephone, e-mail, chat, social networks through a unified system so that they are answered properly and in a timely manner.

Fast response

Calls are received by several dozen professionals, making the response time extremely fast, which strengthens the relationship of service users and their customers and provides a competitive advantage.

24/7 service

Our contact center is open 24 hours a day - the users of our services can rest assured that their customers’ calls will be answered at any time and whenever necessary.

Quality control

Our implemented tools and supervisor, call recording and consultant quality assessment systems help ensure top quality customer service.


Our statistical data processing system ensures the monitoring of managed projects, and generates real-time and historical reports on qualitative and quantitative indicators.

Payment after the fact

Our contact center services are charged only after the fact of the work performed and for the achieved work result, enabling service recipients to reduce their office and staff costs.