Slide Call center
services 24/7
We offer high quality customer service via phone calls for companies that seek to optimize costs and improve customer services. Read more
Slide Telemarketing
For the companies that are looking to increase their sales. Our goal is to help YOU grow your customer database and improve customer service. Read more
Slide SMS service Our offered services save time and help in business development: in a very short time, without additional human resources, we provide the opportunity to inform a large number of customers simultaneously about issued invoices, arrears, promotions,new products, events and emergencies. Read more
Slide Interactive
voice response
nforming customers and conducting surveys using an automatic caller. A popular and cost-lowering solutions for informing or interviewing large flows of customers. Read more
Slide Virtual Assistent
A service that eases work and saves personnel costs. Our virtual assistant will perform all of the needed tasks operatively and in high quality: manage messages andcomments and emails in you social networks, administrate your database and documents, oversee your calendar visits, upload the necessary information to e-commerce channels. Read more


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Depending on the individual needs and the specifics of the business, we offer different call handling and customer search services that increase sales and productivity.

Call center 24/7

These services are particularly relevant for businesses with a flow of potential customers that becomes extremely difficult to process through conventional means of communication. These are often companies that manage huge flows of existing customers and need to handle large numbers of enquiries: communication operators, banks, insurance companies, logistics companies, large retailers, emergency services, utility providers, etc.


Telemarketing services provide the flexibility to hire employees for long-term and short-term projects who contact potential customers of the client and make sales by phone. We specialize in telephone sales.

SMS messaging services

SMS or text messaging services enable to instantly inform customers about any issued invoices and payment deadlines, as well as new offers, sales, organized events, emergencies or debts.

Interactive voice response

IVR is a pre-recorded message service that is actively used in various areas of business - not only for communicating with customers, suppliers and partners, but also for effective internal communication between the company's departments and employees.

Virtual assistant

Professional secretary services without any staff costs, which will help you process your electronic enquiries and social network messages, as well as organize your company's documents.

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