Interactive voice response (IVR)

IVR services offered by our call center will save your time and financial resources spent on the management of calls. IVR is a pre-recorded message service that is actively used in various areas of business - not only for maintaining communication with customers, suppliers and partners, but also for internal communication between the company's departments and employees.

IVR performs

  • Customer satisfaction surveys.
  • Submission of notifications about debts, promotions and sales.
  • Submission of reminders about booked consultations with specialists.
  • Development of call distribution algorithms for companies by topic.
  • Call forwarding function for the company's divisions and employees.
  • Voice messaging function.


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24/7 service

The IVR system operates in a continuous mode, receiving, processing and forwarding calls 24/7.

Customer satisfaction surveys

The interactive voice response service is adapted by avoiding human resources costs in customer satisfaction surveys. When contacting the customer, the system provides its questions and ways to answer them with the help of keys.

Call forwarding

IVR helps customers contact the right department and the right specialist. They simply have to press a button to get the information they need.

Cost reduction

The interactive voice response will help you save a lot of time for your employees, and incur lower costs compared to those incurred when trying to reach users or customers by conventional means of communication.

Emergency management

Widely used in emergency-prone businesses. The system may provide the persons concerned with the necessary information and a list of measures to be taken.


Formation of detailed reports on real-time and historical delivery statuses.