Medical institutions

Direct communication via telephone calls is an integral part of the work process of any medical institution. Whether it is a hospital, a small family clinic, a health resort or a pharmacy - high quality direct contact with the customer is essential.

Medical and health institutions receive hundreds of calls every day with questions about their working hours, registration or provided services. Infomedia Contact Center will make sure that each and every one of these questions are answered, so that the time saved by healthcare professionals can instead be devoted to their main job.


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Our services

Medical institutions that choose the services of Infomedia Contact Center will receive the following benefits:
  • There will be a significant reduction in patient registration time. The time saved will allow your company's specialists to instead use it on their direct job functions, enabling to improve the quality of your provided services.
  • No more missed calls! Our contact center will ensure that every incoming call is answered without delay. Your customers will be able to register 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, without having to be mindful of the working hours of your company.
  • More registration opportunities by phone – smaller queues at the medical institution.
  • Always helpful and pleasant customer service.
  • Satisfied customers and positive feedback, which means more recommendations and more new customers.
  • Reduced administrative burden and better quality registration process.