All large tourism companies use the services of contact centers to be able to stay in direct contact with their customers at any time.

Tourists are constantly in need of consultations regarding any travel insurance issues, complaints, changes in flight times, etc. This is a huge burden on the managers of tourism companies, whose failure to resolve customer issues in a timely manner can reduce the overall quality of their company's services.

Transferring these functions to the operators of Infomedia Contact Center will not only ensure that all of your travellers' questions will be answered, but will also eliminate the slightest possibility that, at some point, a call will not be answered in the event your customer requires assistance or advice.


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Our services

Tourism companies that choose the services of Infomedia Contact Center will receive the following benefits:
  • Your sales will increase. We can both take care of your existing customers, as well as call potential ones. Thousands of them.
  • We will ensure that each and every call from your existing and potential customers is answered. Regardless of the location of the incoming call or the time of day, our contact center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • You will be able to rest assured that each and every call from each customer will be answered without delay.
  • You will remove the burden of telephone consultations from your employees, who will in turn be able to dedicate their time to more important tasks.
  • You will ensure direct, professional and pleasant customer service at all times.